Hi! I’m Destini; mother of three daughters, wife of a hardworking wonderful man and an avid sewer! I really enjoy all things “crafty”, but needle work has a special place in my heart. I have taught myself how to cross stitch, crochet, knit and sew; I feel that learning something new is like going on an adventure! Here’s something to giggle at: when learning to knit, I used pencils instead of knitting needles! Yup. I did. Really. I was watching “Hands On Crafts For Kids” on PBS one afternoon and they had a short segment on knitting. I always wanted to learn to knit, but felt intimidated; it looked more complicated than it really is. After watching that episode, I grabbed a couple pencils and some yarn from my stash and started trying to cast-on! After that, I used Youtube to find how to do new stitches and practiced with my pencils until I felt I could justify the cost of a set of knitting needles. I started sewing with a machine in Home-Economics class in 6th grade, but was terrible at it! I didn’t try sewing with a machine again until just a few years ago, when my aunt bought me my first machine. Unfortunately it was a lemon; the tension couldn’t be fixed, even by a professional. I had to stop every few minutes to play with the tension; it really made sewing tedious. I got a new Brother sewing machine for Christmas and absolutely love it! I use it almost everyday!

I started Destin’s Designs after having several inquiries about where to find the messenger bags I made for my two school-age daughters. At first, I only thought to offer messenger bags, like the ones I made for my girls. There are so many things I really enjoy sewing though, like aprons and little girls’ dresses, so I have decided to offer all the things I enjoy making! And because I love learning and trying new things, I also take special requests!

My husband, Jim Dear, is the sole bread-winner in our family and we live comfortably on what he makes from working hard, but we really want to save to buy a house, because we’ve outgrown our apartment and need something that feels more permanent for our daughters. With that in mind, I’ve decided that any profit I make from “Destini’s Designs” is going straight into a savings account for a house. After that, any profits I make will go to college funds for my girls!

Sewing is not a hobby; it’s an adventure!


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