It’s done!

I have finally finished my very first dress! It doesn’t look as nice as all the dresses I see posted on the blogs I follow, but I’m still proud of it for a couple reasons! The first is that I actually finished it. I have a hard time finishing projects that take more than a few hours, things I have to put down for more than a night or two. The second, is, of course, that with a little help from some of you, and a lot from my Aunt Lisa, I managed to make something that is meant for just me! I’m always making things for my girls, or other peoples kids, but nothing is made for me. I’m okay with that; I am a mom and a wife, my kids and husband come first. But it sure does feel nice, knowing that I made something for me.
I can’t wait to start on my next project for myself! I think I will try something without a collar this time, since it gave not only me, but also my very experienced Aunt, some issues!Image

The pockets are really low on this dress, but I think that is because I’m so short. I’m keeping an eye out for coupons and sales so I can invest in a dress form. I really think I need one in order to make things fit me properly. I’m unproportional, so it’s hard to find the right size in ready-made clothes, it’s also tough to alter handmade clothes without a dress form. Until I can find a good deal on a store bought form, I’m researching how to make my own for a lot less!

Have you ever made a duct tape dress form? Do you know of someone who has? As soon as I make mine, I’ll be sure to post it! 


Vintage 1975 Dress

I found this pattern at Savers! It's never even been used!

I found this pattern at Savers! It’s never even been used!

I am feeling really good about myself right now! Not only did I find a wicked good deal at JoAnn’s on Simplicity patterns ($1 each, sale ends today and is only in-store I think), but I also found some really great vintage patterns at Savers! The fabric I am using for view 1 is actually old sheets I found at the Sally Shop (aka The Salvation Army Store). This is my very first woman’s dress pattern; if I mess up, at least I didn’t spend a lot on the fabric!

I am not at all sure how to do these tucks and things. I think I'll be visiting Google a lot today!

I am not at all sure how to do these tucks and things. I think I’ll be visiting Google a lot today!


Tucks and Soft Pleats... Google, here I come!

Tucks and Soft Pleats… Google, here I come!

I did try to print out the unisex pj pants pattern over the weekend, so I could make those Pat’s pants for my Jim Dear, but I couldn’t seem to get it to print right! I couldn’t figure out why only some of the pages were printing; turns out a bunch of pages ended up on the floor by my printer, which is in another room! My 3yr old, Bum, was bringing me the pages from the printer, so I didn’t see the dropped ones until bedtime. Looks like I’ll have to give it another go this weekend and make sure I get the pages out of the printer this time! 

Does anyone have any tips or advice for me, as I begin my first dress? I am so excited to get it started, but first I have to visit Google I think!



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