Vintage Apron

I absolutely love this pattern! I found it at ; if you’ve never checked out this site, you should do it now! They have some awesome free patterns, not just aprons, but lots of other great things! 

My Beans wearing the apron I made for her. It's the same pattern I am using for the class apron, just without the flounce!

My Beans wearing the apron I made for her.

I picked out the fabric from JoAnn’s, like always! 


  It took me a couple days to finish this wicked cute apron, not because it’s a difficult           pattern, or a poorly written tutorial, but because I hate bias tape binding. Using it on     straight edges is really easy; it’s the curves that give me trouble! P1020372P1020369P1020363I had the most trouble with the pockets! They’re almost heart shaped, very cute, but a wicked pain!

The straps are adjustable!

The straps are adjustable!



I love how pretty it is! Some lucky raffle winner will get this cute apron, along with a bunch of baking items at the Basket Bonanza at my daughters’ school next month!

The wheels in my head are turning… I wonder if I could do a raffle here on my blog! Maybe make a fabulous small basket and include an apron with matching pot holder (or child’s apron), a few baking supplies (measuring spoons, mixing spoons, measuring cup) and some recipes.

Does anyone know how to do a raffle on a blog?


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