The Adventure continues!

Thanks to my awesome Aunt Lisa, the collar is now on the dress I have been working on! She has been sewing for a very long time, but even she had a tough time figuring out how to get this collar on! 

ImageI wish I had a dress form thing, I’m sure these pictures would have come out much better if I did! 
I only have to hem the bottom and finish the front with buttons and holes, then I’ll finally be done! I don’t plan to wear this one outside of my house, but I’ll be proud wearing it as I clean my house! 

I’m also working on an outfit for Easter, hopefully I’ll finish it on time! Image 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 



Vintage Apron

I absolutely love this pattern! I found it at ; if you’ve never checked out this site, you should do it now! They have some awesome free patterns, not just aprons, but lots of other great things! 

My Beans wearing the apron I made for her. It's the same pattern I am using for the class apron, just without the flounce!

My Beans wearing the apron I made for her.

I picked out the fabric from JoAnn’s, like always! 


  It took me a couple days to finish this wicked cute apron, not because it’s a difficult           pattern, or a poorly written tutorial, but because I hate bias tape binding. Using it on     straight edges is really easy; it’s the curves that give me trouble! P1020372P1020369P1020363I had the most trouble with the pockets! They’re almost heart shaped, very cute, but a wicked pain!

The straps are adjustable!

The straps are adjustable!



I love how pretty it is! Some lucky raffle winner will get this cute apron, along with a bunch of baking items at the Basket Bonanza at my daughters’ school next month!

The wheels in my head are turning… I wonder if I could do a raffle here on my blog! Maybe make a fabulous small basket and include an apron with matching pot holder (or child’s apron), a few baking supplies (measuring spoons, mixing spoons, measuring cup) and some recipes.

Does anyone know how to do a raffle on a blog?

Vintage 1975 Dress

I found this pattern at Savers! It's never even been used!

I found this pattern at Savers! It’s never even been used!

I am feeling really good about myself right now! Not only did I find a wicked good deal at JoAnn’s on Simplicity patterns ($1 each, sale ends today and is only in-store I think), but I also found some really great vintage patterns at Savers! The fabric I am using for view 1 is actually old sheets I found at the Sally Shop (aka The Salvation Army Store). This is my very first woman’s dress pattern; if I mess up, at least I didn’t spend a lot on the fabric!

I am not at all sure how to do these tucks and things. I think I'll be visiting Google a lot today!

I am not at all sure how to do these tucks and things. I think I’ll be visiting Google a lot today!


Tucks and Soft Pleats... Google, here I come!

Tucks and Soft Pleats… Google, here I come!

I did try to print out the unisex pj pants pattern over the weekend, so I could make those Pat’s pants for my Jim Dear, but I couldn’t seem to get it to print right! I couldn’t figure out why only some of the pages were printing; turns out a bunch of pages ended up on the floor by my printer, which is in another room! My 3yr old, Bum, was bringing me the pages from the printer, so I didn’t see the dropped ones until bedtime. Looks like I’ll have to give it another go this weekend and make sure I get the pages out of the printer this time! 

Does anyone have any tips or advice for me, as I begin my first dress? I am so excited to get it started, but first I have to visit Google I think!



Welcome to the Adventure!

I am Destini, of Destini’s Designs and a sewing adventurer! I want to share the new (to me) techniques I’ve discovered, the terms I think every newbie should know and some great free patterns, among other things. 

A lot of what I make is for my girls (I do have three of them, after all) ; but I’ve been feeling pretty adventurous lately, picking patterns for my husband or myself and our apartment, that I have never tried before. I absolutely love that feeling I get when I finish a new pattern, or learn a new technique, don’t you?

I always welcome comments, tips n tricks, and links to other blogs or sites, as long as they are constructive, not destructive! Remember the old adage “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” when leaving a comment! 


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