How to work with a sicky girl…

I’ve really been on a roll lately, not only with my crafting projects (sewing and crochet mostly), but also around the house (except the laundry of course… that’s a battle I’ll never win). You know, really in a positive groove.

…until my youngest woke up with a snuffle nose and sore throat this morning.

So now I’m asking myself how do I get things accomplished when my little one is wanting to do nothing but snuggle with her mama all day. I keep coming to the same conclusion: everything else can wait, snuggling my princess pretty pants is much more important than anything else that needed doing today.

I have a bag ready for final assembly; pieces for Christmas tutu dresses ready for assembly; a crochet baby beanie that still needs a few more rounds stitched and the beard stitched up and added on; and I’m working on a non-permanent way to add a ruffle to the bottom of my daughters jeans, so she can wear them longer, but they can still be passed on to her sisters. All of those things can wait until tomorrow or the next day.


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